Candidate Responsibilities

The Executive Board of Governors of UK Certified Knowledge Association (UKCKA) came to an understanding in their annual review in the year of 2010 to have a collaboration with an independent organisation based in the UK, namely the UK Commission for Consistent Learning

(UK-CCL) to take charge of UKCKA’s Learning sector and the nominated Assessor and Verifier to maintain the Facilitating Centre quality as an external organisation. This is to ensure the Professional Quality Management Standards (PQMS) of their qualifications and membership are maintained to the International standards.

The UK Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) has the power to decline any application without giving reasons. Approved candidates will receive at least three week’s notice as to the time and place of UK-CCL examination and the centre where the examination will be conducted. The decisions of UK-CCL examiners are final and candidates must not enter correspondences with UK-CCL or UKCKA on examination results. Under no circumstances will details of marks awarded be divulged

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