The main objective of UKCKA is in offering remarkable option to earn their respective and creditworthy Degree Top Professional Diplomas and Membership, under the exclusive scheme of Lifelong Blended Educational and Occupational Learning. (LBEOL). This gives the facility to non-commitment of Classroom Learning or Three Hours Examinations. But it gives very flexible option of Online Learning and Lifelong Occupational Learning to earn respective Professional Qualifications. This option is facilitated by LSMM and UKCCL’s Learning Scheme of Lifelong Blended Educational Learning (LBEL) and Affirmation for Prior Experience Learning (APEL). To follow this mandatory learning scheme every applicant must submit detailed details with relevant supporting certified documents in confirming respective achievements of Educational and Lifelong Work Learning, as this will take into consideration as the Course Work and Case Study with minimum one or two online Workshop and Seminar and Two Oral Verbal Aptitude Tests.

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