The Executive Board of Governors of UK Certified Knowledge Association UKCKA has after a long deliberation come to an amicable understanding with the Independent Examiners the UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) of Great Britain to categorise their learning awards into Five Level.

These awards will meet the International Examinations Quality Standards, which will enable the UKCKA diploma awards to be highly recognised and accepted by other awarding institutions and gain valuable exemption internationally to follow any degree programmes.

This has compelled us to allocate as a guide line, the minimum learning hours to be completed at each level to gain Professional Quality Management Standard (PQMS) knowledge for every level of the UKCKA qualification. There is different learning hours for each level and every learning centre must adhere to the guideline of learning hours before assessing the candidates.

CATEGORIES OF UKCKA QUALIFICATION AWARDS The UKCKA has five levels of professional qualification awards.

1. UKCKA - Diploma comparable to Level 3 of the NQF.

2. UKCKA - Higher Diploma comparable to Level 4 of the NQF.

3. UKCKA - Executive Diploma comparable to Level 5 of the NQF.

4. UKCKA - Post Graduate Certificate comparable to Level 6 of the NQF.

5. UKCKA - Post Graduate Diploma comparable to Level 7 of the NQF.

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