Disciplinary and Course Controls

The UK Certified Knowledge Association UKCKA has setup its own admission procedures to meet the Professional Quality Management Standards (PQMS) in relation to all their Learning Programmes and Membership awards.

The Executive Board of Governors of UKCKA has laid out many levels assessment procedures where by all candidates must meet before they enrol with the UKCKA.

All applicants should attend a Compulsory Aptitude tests (level 100). Aptitude tests shall be used if they are compulsory and if they and their pass marks are recognised by, and acceptable to UKCKA Board of Examinations. Furthermore, Candidates should display a good command of the language of instruction and, in marginal cases, should be given an approved oral and/or written test.

Where applicants seek exemption, an exemption fee will have to be paid. The exemption fee can apply for the Professional route where candidates submit prior qualifications upon registration and seek exemption. For exemption fees, please see the Membership Fee Chart. However, the first-year subscription fee must be paid together with the registration fee. If any applicant fails to be awarded membership, the 1st Year subscription will be refunded. However, in most cases, as applicants go through an initial screening, even before being given an application form, applicants are successful.

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