It is made known to all parties concerned that, UKCKA emphasise Professional Quality Management Standards (PQMS) of our Independent Assessors and Verifiers (UKCCL). The UKCKA Certified Membership is offered under the specific criteria of UKCCL’s Assessment and Verification policies. Therefore, the Certified Membership of UKCKA is offered to applicants who can submit necessary supporting documents, which should be notarised by a legal professional, who can declare that the scan copies are true of the original, along with Two Independent Professional references, who could confirm your professional status. The declaration must legal and honest. If failed either by forging or perjury, the admission will be rejected, and the respective fee paid will not refunded.

Every applicant will have to undergo the Appraisal and Ability Test in order to acquire the UKCKA’s Certified Membership. Those who do not qualify with enough credits will be channelled to follow up with International Online Learning Facilitator London School of Media and Management (LSMM).

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