The UKCKA is the combination of a UK and EU vision that seeks to elevate every individual who has accumulated knowledge either by learning or work experience to go forward in earning a Professional Qualifications or Memberships or both. This will translate into an internationally accepted Vocational and Professional Qualification. The Executive Senate Legislature (ESL) has the authority to formalise the learning structure with the awarding rights and concepts to the quality framework to National Vocational Qualifications Standards (NVQS) and to ISO 9001:2008. UKCKA’s Executive Board of Governors have made their intentions noticeably clear by offering Non-Conventional Academic Professional Knowledge Diplomas which could lead to obtaining Professional Degree and Post Graduate Degree Qualifications through their respective dedicated faculties.

UKCKA’s Executive Board of Governors and Trustees wishes to maintain the Professional Quality Management Standards (PQMS) of European Union’s infrastructure. The Executive Senate Legislature (ESL) is fully answerable to the UKCKA’s Board of Governors and Trustees with regards to the formulation of the rules and regulations of the “Assessment and Awarding concept and procedures.” Any change in the operation or adoption must have the final approval of the Board of Governors and Trustees via Executive Secretary General (ESG) who will be responsible for the entire supervision of the day-to-day operations. The ESG along with the Executive Board of Governors and Trustees will elect Two High ranking Professional Individuals for a period of five years as the Honorary President and Vice President as the prominent individuals to take forward the vision and mission of UKCKA. The Executive Secretary General (ESG) is responsible for the Learning Programmes in alliance with International Learning Facilitator, who are nominated by Executive Board of Governors and Trustees. The Board of Governors has the final authority in determining whether to extend or terminate an individual’s position within the Executive Administrative Management Council (EAMC).

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