To increase our global appeal and to create interaction with international high-profile intellectuals, the Executive Board of Governors and Trustees has formed the Council of Honorary International Scholars. This council will be working in hand in hand with International Assessors and Verifiers, who are known as UK Commission for Consistent Learning (UKCCL). This respective professional accreditation will benefit and assist in many ways to its own members and give honorary services to the UKCKA and its members.

The UKCKA Executive Board of Governors and Trustees wishes to emphasise that, members of the Honorary International Scholars are the Honorific Ceremonial Officials and Representatives of the Association. The professionals are selected from various walks of life and have owned their own expertise and have been appointed by the Honorary Executive Governor General of the Association. The minimum term of office will be three years, but with both party’s willingness, it can be extended for several years.

The International Scholars are nominated and approved by the Executive Board of Governors and Trustees and the initial responsibility and coordination management will be taken care by the Executive Secretary General. The Honorary International Scholars are known and accepted as professional mentors of UKCKA, and their responsibilities and duties will be spread among UKCKA’s aims and objectives and will participate in all the official functions of the UKCKA locally and internationally as the Honorary Ambassador. The Executive Board of Governors and Trustees wishes to notify anyone concerned that any amendments such as new addition without any prior notice to Council Members as the nominations are carried out on an individual basis and it is an Honorary Position Therefore no forum is required for any amendments to this Council. They are the mentors of the Association and they do not hold any legal responsibilities of UKCKA, but they are the guardians of UKCKA’s Executive Board of Governors.

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