Membership Doctrine

UK Professional Body, the Corporation of Executives and Administrators (CEA) did change their name in the year of June 2016 to UK Certified Knowledge Association (UKCKA). Until such time, the learning and memberships are awarded under the Academic Scheme. In the year 2015 during an Annual General Meeting with the Trustees and Executive Management Board decided to change the awarding policies to consider the vast majority of Non-Academic Working Personnel, who cannot ascertain their Knowledge Ability, and also due to the fact of no confirmation document or certification to determine their quality of performance. Therefore UKCKA and UKCCL Executive Board of Governors and Trustees consulted together on how to remedy this. Subsequently came the change of name in the year of June 2016 to UK Certified Knowledge Association (UKCKA) as the 1981 Incorporation Memorandum of Article gave the option to consider all their awards under the specific Learning Scheme of Lifelong Blended Educational and Occupational Knowledge Learning. UKCKA’s Qualification has the “Major” to confirm the Professional Knowledge Ability of a person. It is a mandatory requirement by every applicant who wishes to earn UKCKA’s Professional Top-Up Diplomas or Memberships to submit for initial Authentication to ascertain their eligibility to International Learning Facilitator, London School of Media and Management (LSMM). Independent Assessors and Verifiers UK-CCL will rectify the confirmation.

UKCKA’s Executive Secretary General, do hereby request from every member to keep their respective membership active and to update their respective information and to share with other International Members. To this effect the Executive Board of Governors of UKCKA and UKCCL have agreed to structure a special Corporation to take charge as the Alumni and Business Development in bringing together members through Special Events, Workshops and Seminars, Business Enterprise Professional Networking etc. This responsibility has been taken care of fully by a dedicated business enterprise known as Professional Knowledge Alliance (PKA). PKA’s viewpoint is to bring together all the Lifelong Blended Learning Awarding Institutions who are focused on evolving this specific mission as the Business Development and Referral Marketing Division. PKA has taken the full responsibility and liabilities to safeguard all the personnel information along with UKCCL, who are the assessors and verifiers in accordance to Government Database Act.

This will enable the UKCKA’s Executive Management Board to update all their members’ personal information at all time, which will give the opportunity to communicate on a regular basis. It is the fundamental responsibility of every member to remember this at all time. If any member wishes to share their achievement or any other information, they can do so, through the official publications known as Admin Times or Admin World or directly through the Website.


This option is made possible because of UKCCL’s Assessment and Verification Scheme. The Schemes are Accreditation for Career Progress Development (ACPD), or Affirmation for Prior Experience and Learning (APEL) or Lifelong Blended Educational Learning (LBEL). As the Professional Qualification Quality Standards meet the National Vocational Quality Framework (NVQF) and National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ). This is made possible as UKCCL do have the certification ISO 9001 for their Assessment and Verification. Furthermore, every respective member can describe them as “ Certified” in relation to their respective major. UKCKA offers their membership as Certified Fellow, Certified Full Member, Certified Practitioner, Certified Associate and Certified Affiliate.


It is made clear by UKCKA and UKCCL’s Executive Management Board that, all memberships are focused upon individuals who has accumulated their knowledge either by working or learning. The assessment is performed as a Continuous Consistent Assessment (CCA) rather than a traditional three-hour classroom examination. This is to give consideration of past and present work experience and hands-on training by offering respective Credit Units, which will enable applicants to obtain the appropriate grade of membership from the relevant faculty. There is no time limit; therefore, busy working professionals have every opportunity to meet UKCKA’s entry requirement and awarding standards. The Verification Schemes are ACPD or APEL or LBEL. Since 2021, the UKCKA is now offering “Skill Competence Scheme” as the dedicated Lifelong Blended Learning provider London School of Media and Management (LSMM) has the exclusive Online Virtual Learning facilities to determine the applicant creditworthiness for UKCKA’s Certified Memberships. It is made known to all persons concerned that every applicant must follow the procedure of LSMM and UKCCL. Every applicant will have to undergo the Appraisal and Ability Test in order to acquire UKCKA’s Certified Membership. Those who do not qualify with enough credits will be directed to follow Workshops and Seminars to acquire the necessary credit units of the certified membership they are seeking.


With the assistance of London School of Media and Management (LSMM), the Executive Board of Governors of UKCKA and UKCCL has agreed to offer the option to earn NVQ Equivalent to Level 3 Skill Certification Membership of UKCKA. The applicant must follow the Awarding and Assessment Policies of LSMM to earn the necessary entry credit units equivalent to UKCCL-PQMS Level 3 to become an Affiliate Member. Every applicant should follow the process his/her application via LSMM’s Learning and Examination procedures to define the suitability in terms of membership. Upon successfully completing the ‘Skill Competence Scheme’ the candidates may apply with the LSMM Certification for the appropriate faculty membership of UKCKA. This method of assessment is carried out by many international awarding institutions. Upon completion of these and the accumulation of further credits, they then qualify for appropriate Higher Level of Certified Membership of UKCKA.

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