UKCKA’s Executive Board of Governors and Trustees main mission is to emphasise their Professional Qualifications and the incredible value they hold, by implementing Professional Quality Management Standards (PQMS) which facilitates high quality practices, towards maintaining the appropriate methods of learning to increase individual accomplishments. Facilitating "best practices" and quality assurance on to an international level enables members to enter a dialogue and learn from each other through the Blended Learning Concept.

UKCKA believes that international cooperation can help higher learning institutions from different nations to learn from each other without any diminishing their autonomy. UKCKA will negotiate between professional and vocational institutions / organisations and offer solutions to resolve any problems, when deemed necessary by giving assurance of professional quality, reliability, administrative responsibility and capability. UKCKA Quality Seal confirms the assurance to any individual, employer and establishment of quality standards according to British Examination Board Standards (BEBS) Compliance. UKCKA believes in improvement through the self-assessment process, providing institutions with considerate analytical assistance to act on their own solutions and strategies for improvement. This will maintain effective checks and control to cultivate public confidence and improvement. UKCKA has a high commitment to professional and vocational qualification values by adopting corporate, strategic or marketing objectives. UKCKA is committed to continuous professional development and adopts widely accepted norms of good business and employment practice.

The character & enhancement that UKCKA engages in, for the improvement of quality learning techniques and professionalism will boost the reputation of individuals and institutions. UKCKA believes many nations are becoming more liberal and are adopting professional qualifications via accreditation systems. This is fast becoming a global trend. UKCKA accreditation reflects the comparative advantages of numerous core values of independence, self-governance, and the assurance of professional quality.

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