Executive Provost,
Executive Secretary General and Board of Trustees

Satish Visavadia is a professor of education and an entrepreneur with vast experience in teaching, management and commercial business, both in United Kingdom and overseas markets. After serving an engineering apprenticeship, Professor Satish qualified as a mechanical engineer and later qualified as a teacher within the community education sector.

Over the years, Professor Satish established and managed a successful media advertising and production business, where he produced more than eight hundred fifty television programmes and radio commercials; also edited and published three magazines including Spice International, Introductions and NRI today.

In 2006, he continued his work in thehigher education and training sector, becoming a director in a higher education institution where he managed accredited education programmes and extensively lectured.

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Executive Governor General

Professor Ralph Thomas is a highly respected and eminent professor with 30 years of experience in the UK as an academic, educator and global entrepreneur. Born in Sri-Lanka born, he pioneered the way forward in “Lifelong Learning” transforming the lives of many people. He is a Professional Knowledge Educator specialising in the Hospitality Industry since 1977. Professor Ralph Thomas currently resides in London, UK, where he has worked energetically to promote the Lifelong Hands-on Work Based Blended Professional Learning and Knowledge Qualifications, that recognises every matured professional who has no formal and/or Orthodox Academic Achievements but has earned developed the Knowledge based in their work place, and subsequently to enablethem to achieve a recognised and acceptable professional Award and qualification.

Since 1987 he has been involved in Academic and Progressive Professional Education by becoming the Secretary General of 1981 UK Professional Body UK- Certified Knowledge Association. This valuable experience made him to incorporate Legitimate Lifelong Blended Knowledge Learning Assessing and Verification Awarding Institutions such as UK Commission for Consistent Learning,

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Member (HON)

Professor Joseph Professor is an experienced academic who is an educator, assessor, trainer and an entrepreneur who has pioneered student progress and personal development in the education sector with programmes across Africa. Leading a range of education institutions, he is a prominent person and held in high esteem.

He is based in Accra, Ghana, Professor Joseph Aina, he continues as an academic and entrepreneur with global experience and connectivity and a desire to develop and promote excellence and good quality education for all categories of learning across all lines economic and social learners and students in Africa and beyond. Through a network of resources, services education associations across Africa, Professor Joseph Aina has been a self-motivated driving force to continuously achieve growth and development in education where-ever using exceptional skills and strategies. His main aim as an academic and entrepreneur has always been to uphold his integrity at all times and be part of a successful team.

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Member (HON)

Professor Walter Terry Parrish is an experiencedsenior educator and a successful leader who has been involved in education, skills based learning and training over more than 25 years in the UK and elsewhere. As a lecturer and entrepreneur, he worked, promoted and delivered further and higher education courses and vocational skills training programmes.

He has directed and managed within a large college where he was responsible for a range of education and skills training programme areas from Professional courses such as Chartered Institute of Marketing, Chartered Management Institute, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, thorough to managing the academic provision across the college including the management and processing of learner assessments, institution’s moderation and accreditations.

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Member (HON)

His Excellency Ambassador Mark Taylor is an ambassador for the Kingdom of Polynesia for the United Kingdom and also a global entrepreneur mentoring large and small corporations and organisations. He is a University Graduate of Fine Art, a global entrepreneur and Chief Operating Officer for Platinum Capital Hong Kong and Pearl Wealth Monaco, with immense experience in finance, trade and banking. His experiential learning insights over the years, particularly in Life Long Learning and education has enabled him to develop close ties with the indigenous communities and people of the world. He is an energetic and innovative individual with a high profile connectivity and network globally and leads companies specialising in finance, mergers and acquisitions.

His Excellency Ambassador Mark Taylor is based in London, UK, and has been involved in joint ventures and investments between companies in many strategic areas. He works with an excellent high profile team of professionals both local and global, and has gained respect with a proven track record to lead and support companies and organisations with their corporate social responsibilities to reduce carbon emissions and reduce plastic waste. As a leader, he is approachable, energetic and very supportive, always advising clients and professionals on their own strategic futures.

Chairman of Trustees

Joel Thomas was educated as a lawyer in the UK, achieving a Joint Honours LLb in Law with Business from the University of Portsmouth. Over the years, Joel has gained a vast amount of experience across a number of global blue-chip organisations including Toyota, Carlsberg, Puig and General Mills progressing through the ranks to gain experience at Director level. This has enabled him to excel in his work with continuous progress and development. He is an energetic young professional and an entrepreneur with a wealth of experience and an advocate of Lifelong Blended Learning and education over many years.

As Joel has advanced in working within the large global organisations, he has observed within the workforce, a trend where there are two tribes within the workforce, those who had progressed academically and achieved their higher qualifications and awards, and those with no formal higher education achievements at all. For many of the higher ranked senior positions, there is an increasing acceptance and change in the notion of education achievements whether formal or non formal.

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Member (HON)

Ms Kamini Gupta is a graduate of Computer Science, a dedicated advocate of lifelong learning and STEM education, making a difference to the world through a technology-led approach. She is a pioneer,who has devoted her life to developing education technologyand skill building packages over the past 25 years, enabling learners to understand and learn about intelligent technologies, robotics, coding, artificial intelligence and much more.

Kamini is a strong believer in the strength of human potential and sense of purpose in life. Nothing excites her more than learning new things and making them available for others and thus gain holistic growth and achieve success. She has more than two decades of experience in entrepreneurship, strategic consultation, marketing and sales. She has vast experience and knowledge across a range of technology sectors.

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Member (HON)

Mr Hasan Arif Yildirim is a highly experienced law practicing professional, based in England. A lawyer, educator and a respected businessman, he is an entrepreneur who has extensive networks in Turkey and elsewhere. Mr Yildirim had been an advocate of lifelong Learning for many years, mentoring and guiding many students and learners to their successful pathways. Their experiential learning is the cornerstone of their individual development .

Mr Hasan Arif Yildirim graduated from Istanbul university law faculty and started to practice law as an advocate in 1991 and graduated from city University faculty of Law and continued with further education with college of law. A partner in a law firm, Oakfield, he continued practicing as a consultant solicitor and set up more than 10 legal firms and currently continuous this success. Mr Yildrim has always been members of managing committees of charities based in London for Turkish speaking community in the United Kingdom specifically for the education area and services. He is currently practicing law in North London, UK with Southgate Hill consultancy.

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