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Learning Plan To Earn an Accredited UKCKA Post Graduate Diploma


UKCKA’s Innovative Vision of Non-Formal and Informal Lifelong Occupational Knowledge Learning Professional Level Six Post Graduate Diploma for Industry-Led Career Enhancement. UKCKA’s Awards Are Facilitated by Accredited Lifelong Distinctive Flexible Blended Distance Learning Methodology. The UKCKA PG Diplomas do Lead Forward as an Entry Route in Earning an Accredited Level Seven Master Degree by way of Lifelong Flexible Blended Top-Up Learning Methodology with the Affiliated Universities!

The Executive Board of Trustees and Governors of UKCCL and UKCKA have categorised the Post Graduate Diploma Award to the Professional Quality Standard of National Vocational Qualification NVQ- Level 6. In accordance to a UKCCL and UKCKA’s Assessment and Verification Panel of Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC), do ascertain this Lifelong Knowledge Learning as the Appreciated Pathway for Busy Working Person to earn a Reputable Intentioned Post Graduate Knowledge Diploma as the Legitimate Principal Pathway to achieve a Appropriate Professional Career Master Degree. It is also made known to every person concern that, UKCKA Awards are Non-Formal, Non- Tutorial Classroom Lifelong Blended Knowledge Learning Awards.


UKCKA and UKCCL have come about with the Specific Learning Programme Structure of UKCCL-PQMS: Level-6 PG Diploma Learning Programme to give a prime opportunity to every individual, who has not got an Academic First Degree, but sufficient Hands On Learning Knowledge Ability to progress to earn a Master Degree, related to their Respective Working Profession. This Lifelong Knowledge Learning Programmes is executed by way of submission of a Work Experience Project / Dissertation Amounting to 18,000 Words and Three Oral Consultations to confirm the benefit of this Lifelong Occupational Knowledge Qualifications. In order to earn this Unique and Valuable Post Graduate Knowledge Qualification by way of submission of Work Learning Project Dissertation must be related to their respective area of Working Profession. It is mandatory requirement made known to all concern by UKCKA and UKCCL Academic and Assessment Panel that without the submission of Work Learning Project Dissertation and attending the Oral Examinations to consider the applicant’s worthiness to confer the appropriate Accredited High Calibre Lifelong Occupational Professional Knowledge Qualification facilitated by UKCKA to the Equivalent Level of Six National Qualifications Framework (NQF).


Every Applicant must be having successfully completed First Degree with Three Years Work Experience or Minimum of Ten Years Work Experience in Middle or Senior Managerial Position. The applicant must be over 25 Years of age with Good Command of English Knowledge with the Skill of Communication and Writing. But the UKCKA Professional Occupational Knowledge Qualifications are facilitated by way of Non-Formal Lifelong Blended Online Distance Knowledge Learning Methodology. The Individualised Academy Learning is focused upon Working Profession Learning Modules Units. It is made clear to every applicant who want to earn the UKCKA’s Top-Up Post Graduate Diploma has to follow the said Learning Methodology by submitting appropriate Assignment and Dissertation, Career Major Project Work (CMPW) and must attend Oral Consultations to verify the eligibility of Knowledge Ability to confer the Appropriate Professional Major in related the Knowledge Award


  • Detailed Personal Profile (CV) giving the full description of Learning and Work Experience with appropriate Scan Copies of Documents to confirm the Statement.

  • Completed Soft Copy Application.

  • Non-Refundable Registration and Document Verification Fee of UK Sterling £150 made payable to HSBC Bank Account UK Certified Knowledge Association. HSBC, 140 High Street, Barnet, Hertfordshire, EN5 5XW. B.A/c: 11231901 - Sorts Code: 40-07-37

  • All Documents has to be Certified By a Practicing Legal Professional to confirm as the true copies of the Originals.

  • Two Non-Related Professional References

  • UK-CKA – Level 6 - Post Graduate Diploma Awarding Fee of the £950.00

  • UKCCL’s Professional Assessment and Verification Fee £350.00


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