Joel Thomas has been part of the Board of Trustees since 2015 for UK Certified Knowledge Association (UKCKA), UK Commission for Consistent Learning (UKCCL), UK Association of Lifelong Learning (UKALL), European Continental University of State of Delaware, USA. He was educated as a Lawyer in the UK, achieving a Joint Honours LLB in Law with Business from the University of Portsmouth. Over the years, Joel has gained a vast amount of experience across several global blue-chip organisations including Toyota, Carlsberg, Puig and General Mills progressing through the ranks to gain experience at Director level. This has enabled him to excel in his work with continuous progress and development.

He entered the corporate world straight from University within the Sales and Marketing area first with Camelot UK. They are the largest Lottery operator in Europe, and he was charged with onboarding new retail partners during the 2012 Olympics. His ability to cultivate strong beneficial relationships led him to move on to represent some of the biggest consumer brands in the world. This led him to understand the great value of Hands-on Work Experience whichcan enrich Professional Status throughLifelong Blended Occupational Learning (LBOL) as a method of Career Progress Development (CPD) to enrich Professional Status. Due to this committed objective, he agreed to join as anHonouraryMember of the Board of Trustees forUKCKA, UKCCL and ECU to learn the vison of Lifelong Blended Occupational Learning Theory.

Through his entrpreneurial mindset, he was able togain additional significant experience within the health and beauty sector and was able to launch new products into the UK market by securing partnerships with category leading retailers. In addition to this, he launched multiple brands on ecommerce powerhouse Amazon across multiple European territories. All these achievements made possible through his consistent commitment to better himself and continue to build his knowledge.

Most recently, he transitioned into the Tech ecommerce space, working for the UK’s biggest tech company as Account Director. Here he was key decision maker across his client base, charged with revenue growth and project management. Through this role he had exposure to the full 360 remits of e-commerce, specifically within digital marketing and trading.

As he advanced within large global organisations, he observed within the workforce, a trend where there are two tribes, those who had progressed academically and achieved their higher qualifications and achieved their respective career progress. But the other group not holding traditional academical qualifications, rather enrich their respective Professional Knowledge Ability by Flexible Lifelong Blended Occupational Learning to affirm the Professional Knowledge capability for their Career Progress Development (CPD). For many of the higher ranked senior positions, there is an increasing acceptance and change in the notion of Professional Enhancement by taking into consideration of Hands-on Occupational Knowledge Qualifications are important for current employers, which add value through allowing individuals with significant knowledge and experience to efficiently dispense their learnings in a practical sense in their respective field employment or business.Whilst in most publicly traded businesses, there is a prerequisite to have qualifications at a master’s level or above, it is accepted that the most successful leaders and entrepreneurs thrive in their roles due to the problem-solving skills they have acquired through many years of hands-on experience and Lifelong Blended Knowledge Learning.

Based on these observations, Joel has become a key advocate of the vision Lifelong Blended Occupational and Educational Learning through the Credit Accumulation Transfer Scheme (CATS). This will continue to lead and provide insight on how progressive educational Institutions can continue to provide valuable Professional Knowledge Qualification and awards pathways to those who have gained significant knowledge and experience within their professions, which enable then to progress in their lifelong careers.

As an energetic young professional and an entrepreneur with a wealth of experience, wishes to support and guide by advocating the Lifelong Blended Work Learning for the busy working individuals, who cannot allocate said timing for classroom academical learning but have sufficient Hands on Knowledge in their respective profession to achieve the same qualifications.